5 Steps to Easy Ordering

People are always asking…how does this work? Well, here are a few steps to get you started in the ordering and design process of your custom shirts! Step OneDetermine your budget per shirt: If you are ordering for a group of people, determine how much money each person is willing to spend on a shirt. […]

Tinsel Before Turkey

I know, hearing & seeing everything Christmas before Thanksgiving is annoying. We all feel that way when we walk through the retail stores this time of year. Christmas music playing in the mall on November 1st sent me into shock. Rudolf music isn’t supposed to be stuck in my head until later… way later. But in the world […]

Cotton Vs. Polyester. What is best for me?

When choosing a garment to decorate, our customers are continuously asking “What is the difference between cotton and polyester, and what should I choose?” In response to that question, Cotton has many advantages and disadvantages. One benefit of cotton is that it is very absorbent. This can be great for towels because the purpose of […]