Custom Embroidery with No Minimums, Because Papa Says.

Grandpa "Papa" Fred in his signature Top Dog polo

Grandpa “Papa” Fred in his signature Top Dog polo

We get calls all day everyday asking about our minimums, because in the industry…that’s just the nature of the beast. Our business has always catered to the small businesses because my Grandpa Fred started the business off that way. My mom continued the tradition, and 3 generations later we still have options for no minimums. When you think about it, every business needs to brand themselves. Whether it is with custom apparel, logo design, promotional products, custom car decals, banners, etc; Every business has a need to promote itself. Its just what we do. But not every business is a big business that needs 500 of a custom tshirt.

The reality of a small business is that you cant afford (or it just flat out doesn’t make sense) to carry heavy inventory. At Top Dog Apparel in Appleton, we understand that reality and you are never forced or up-sold to order excess. Our custom embroidered apparel has no minimum. You can order one custom tshirt for Grandpa for Christmas, one custom hoodie for your Fantasy Football League Champ, or one sample polo for your Tech Start-Up before you order 500 when you’re bought by Google. (For sure call us when you’re bought by Google.)

Custom embroidery with no minimums is not common in the industry because it often doesn’t make sense for production purposes. Yeah, we get that reality too. At Top Dog Apparel, we push that aside for tradition and watch out for the little guys. We will happily make you one tshirt for Grandpa, because we know it really is the little things that make him smile.

-Nicole, Co-Owner of Top Dog Apparel

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